Flight #12 – Return to Dublin

  • Lufthansa LH978
  • Frankfurt Main to Dublin
  • Airbus A340-300 D-AIFD
  • Wednesday 14th August 2019

After a quick walk under the tarmac at Frankfurt from where we were dropped off by the buses, it was upstairs to my next gate for the flight to Dublin.

Once again I was on another widebody aircraft – this time the once a week Airbus A340 that Lufthansa send to Dublin. It operates the LH978/979 rotation on a Wednesday only.

My Lufthansa A340-300 at the gate in Frankfurt

On this leg I was again able to secure a premium economy seat at the online check in stage. For the slightly longer flight to Dublin – around 1 hour 50 minutes – this was rather nice with lots of legroom and lots of room too!

My long haul Premium Economy seat

We were soon boarded and pushing back with the safety demonstration playing on the seatback video screens. It was a rather fast taxi out from Frankfurt and we were soon airborne enroute north to Ireland. The service was completed rather swiftly after departure with drinks and snacks handed out by the professional, but not overly friendly crew, as I sat watching Bundesliga shows on the IFE (in flight entertainment).

Onboard service on the European flight from Frankfurt Main to Dublin

Before I knew it we were descending into Dublin and what looked like a similar morning to that we had left in Germany. We taxied into a remote stand – becoming a theme on this trip – and left via steps onto the apron, though this time it was only a short walk to the terminal door.

Disembarking the A340 – could it be my last trip on one?

That was it… another flight completed and getting rather towards the end of my crazy trip. I just had to grab my bag and head outside for the bus to the hotel. I was staying at the Premier Inn at the Airside Retail Park, which is served by the H1 bus and I’ll attach the times here. It also serves the Travelodge hotel.

Timetable for the H1 bus from Premier Inn at Dublin Airport

They depart from “Area 14” at the Airport which is the ‘long distance’ coach park – come out of Terminal 1 and walk underneath the multi story car park in front of you, out the other side and you will see the coach stops in front of you.

H1 bus parked up (on break I assume!) at my hotel
Premier Inn for Dublin Airport is at Airside Retail Park

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