Flight #11 – A taste of red, white… and grey!

  • Austrian Airlines OS121
  • Vienna to Frankfurt Main
  • Boeing 777-200 OE-LPA
  • Wednesday 14th August 2019

So it’s another early start with a 0710 departure this morning as I start the journey home. Thankfully I’m just in the ‘Moxy’ hotel on the site of the Airport and you can walk underneath the tarmac to reach the terminal via a dedicated walkway. It takes less than ten minutes to reach the check in desks.

This is another one of the random long haul aircraft used on a short route in between their longer flights. My 777 this morning has arrived literally 90 mins ago from Bangkok. They seem to run these huge aircraft a few times a week, mainly to shift cargo across the network much like BA I am told.

My Austrian 777 on the stand in Vienna

This morning we’re boarding from the nearest gate possible, B01 which is literally right next to the exit from security. I had to go for a wander to find some breakfast before boarding. Thankfully staying on the Airport site I was able to turn up little over an hour before the flight!

The stylish red & grey interior of Austrian’s 777

Boarding was completed rather quickly and we were soon pushing back for our flight to Frankfurt this morning. The captain told us the flight time would be around an hour and ten minutes – another quick hop then!

The IFE was available for us to use even on this short flight

During the short flight we were served a nice piece of marble cake and a drink from the friendly crew – I thought it was interesting how those from Business came back to help the Economy crew once they’d finished the service in the forward cabin.

The Austrian crew certainly weren’t shy with the drinks!

We soon landed into Frankfurt and as has become the norm for me, we parked on a remote stand and were bussed to the terminal. However once again the buses were sat awaiting our arrival, so we were soon on the way to the terminal and we were able to walk straight to the next gate, no security check as we were still in the Schengen area. It makes travelling so much easier across Europe.

Disembarking via steps onto buses at Frankfurt Main seems to have become the norm for me!

It was a long walk underneath the apron for me to my next gate which was in another part of the terminal at Frankfurt. The huge hub is home to Lufthansa’s home operation with flights across the entire world from here – as well as the secondary hub in Munich, in the south of Germany.

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