Day 3 – Old favourites, and something new…

So after a day off it was back to it today with a short shift driving our Asda contract. It’s a handful of lifeline routes connecting local communities to the Asda supermarket near Middlesbrough. It’s something I’ve been driving for the last 4 years so I know all the regulars and they all know me too. More on that tomorrow though…

It’s not the only thing I’ve done today, I’ve also recently had chance in some spare time to start work on updating the destination displays for the coaches. As we’ve taken on lots of new contracts this year, starting in September, all of the displays need updating too. Nothing annoys me more than companies having the tools to look professional and doing the exact opposite. Several local companies don’t bother using destination displays on coaches when they really should, myself and another driver pride ourselves on keeping ours up to date.

As I have a job that requires a PSVAR vehicle this weekend it meant they needed an update putting in for those destinations anyway so I set to work on rearranging all of the destination list. We have three different types of destination displays at Coatham, however to make it easy for all of us we have set about ensuring all three use the same codes for the same destination.

The three types we have, if anybody is interested, are:

  • Hanover (Volvo Levantes)
  • Mobitec (Volvo Panther)
  • Gorba (Merc Tourismo’s)

As you can imagine it’s quite a job to update three different types and takes a few days to do, in between other jobs of course.

One of the Tourismo’s updated this afternoon

I was expecting to go home at lunchtime today, after doing the Asda bus, but I was asked to stay and cover two school runs so it gave me time to work on some more destinations and the Gorba list is about half done now!

Eventually it was time to make my way across to one of our primary schools that we serve to take two of the little kids home. I’ve never done any of these runs before but with instructions left for me and a bit of a look at Google Maps it seemed an easy enough 10 minute run.

This afternoons choice was our rather nice EVM Sprinter!

After that it was onto Stokesley to pick up two students and drop them off on the way back to the yard – just two kids from what would normally be 2 70 seater contracts! Just shows the odd times that we are in right now.

More of the same tomorrow as I’m on the Asda contract again so more about that later. Stay safe everybody

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