Flight 4 of 14 – Back to London

  • British Airways BA0861
  • Prague to London Heathrow
  • Airbus A320 G-EUUF
  • Wednesday 7th August 2019

After a quick visit to Prague city centre – I had just over an hour there – its time to head back to London, and this afternoon’s BA0861 is showing a delay of around an hour leaving Heathrow. Never mind, it means more time to relax in the lounge here in Prague, which is a third party one operated by Menzies Aviation.

Menzies Aviation Lounge in Prague
Menzies Lounge in Prague has a great view across the apron! Here’s my aircraft just arriving

After all of the problems at Heathrow today – related to some IT issues at BA – I expected a delay on the last leg back to London and it’s projected to be half hour late leaving, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t bad at all. Or so I thought…

Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m the lucky one as I noticed the previous service was cancelled as BA thinned out the schedule to try and get things back on track. Expecting this one to be pretty full then!

We boarded a little over 20 mins behind schedule in an attempt to claw some time back after a decent turnaround, but we were thwarted with Air Traffic Control restrictions ensuring a ground hold on the ground in Prague for almost an hour. Eventual take off was at 1826, around an hour behind schedule.

Onboard the BA0861 back to Heathrow

The actual flight was your typical BA service, friendly and professional. Although it was interesting to note the crew weren’t released until around 22 minutes into the flight which was rather unusual – we did hit a few bumps of turbulence but nothing major. This meant the onboard service started fairly late but on a longer flight like this it didn’t really matter.

Cruising altitude today was at 36000ft, or flight level 360 for you frequent flyers! Before long we were starting our descent into London, and with the usual holding before landing over east London, we landed into Heathrow at 1909 local time, giving a flight time today of 1 hour and 43 minutes.

When arriving into Heathrow I always try to choose a seat on the right hand side of the aircraft, as the usual wind direction (southwesterly) means a landing on the runways facing that way, or 27L and 27R for all you avgeeks out there! A seat on the right hand side gives you great views of the city of London on the approach – when it’s not cloudy anyway! One of my top tips!

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