Early starts!

Getting up early in the morning, what could be better? Well lots of things, in the view of most people. I’ve always been a ‘morning person’ – probably because it brings back so many special memories of getting up early to go on holiday when I was little. You can’t beat being out when the world is just waking up as the sun rises.

Early morning – hello world!

This morning the alarm went off at 0450, which was a struggle given I got to bed at 2300! After not many (and not enough!) hours sleep it’s always tricky to wake up, however made much easier when you know another adventure awaits.

This morning it was back to Terminal 5 at Heathrow – of course I always use the local buses instead of the rip off HotelHoppa service – more on that in a future blog maybe? The 423 serves much of Bath Road where most of the hotels, including mine, are situated – and the first bus arrives at T5 around 4am!

A warm welcome to T5 this morning

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